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Gov. Fallin Declares State of Emergency for Woods County Due to Wildfires, Drought Conditions

Gov. Mary Fallin today issued an executive order declaring a state of emergency for Woods County, where a wildfire has burned almost 400,000 acres of prairie and ranch land in it and two adjoining counties in Kansas.

The fire began last week in Oklahoma and spread north to Kansas, where it has been described as the largest in its state history. The fire at one time covered about 140,000 acres in Oklahoma.

The governor said moderate drought conditions that exist in northwest Oklahoma and the Panhandle are contributing to the threat to Woods County residents and their property.

Under the executive order, state agencies can make emergency purchases and acquisitions needed to expedite the delivery of resources to local jurisdictions.

The executive order is in effect for 30 days, and could be amended to include additional counties if needed.