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How Do I Get a New Drivers License?

Submitted by Doug Doe on Mon, 06/06/2016 - 6:03pm

Replace your drivers license or ID. If you've lost your license or ID as the result of a natural disaster, you should report the loss to the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety at (405) 425-2477. 

If your Oklahoma drivers license has not expired, visit any tag agency. They can verify your identity through fingerprints, if you have them on file, and provide you with a replacement license. If your license has expired, or your fingerprints are not on file with the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, you must provide primary proof of identification. Acceptable forms of primary proof of identification may be found on the DPS website.

In addition, only a Drivers License Exam Station or certain certified tag agencies can renew your license with a state-issued certified birth certificates.